$8.00 $13.00

  • Ultra-premium, adjustable, washable, and reusable non-medical mask
  • Comfortable triple layer construction, created with bluesign¨ certified material
  • Q.A.S. treated outer shell keeps your mask dry and kills bacteria
  • Dense nonwoven polyester center layer provides protection against particle/liquid penetration
  • Breathable inner layer treated with SILVADURª antimicrobial technology to kill bacteria efficiently

Going beyond a simple nonmedical face covering, the washable and reusable DYOTA AG+ ION Mask is developed using bluesign¨ certified material to support sustainability and to help offset the impact of disposable masks.

Exceeding the recommended guidelines for nonmedical travel and pollution masks, the DYOTA AG+ ION Mask utilizes ultra-premium materials to provide a comfortable and confident wear.

The outer shell is a Q.A.S. treated polyester layer that has antimicrobial properties. The dense nonwoven polyester middle layer provides additional protection against particles and liquid droplets, and the DuPont SILVADURª treated inner layer uses Silver Ion technology to further reduce microbes.

The DYOTA AG+ ION Mask is not rated for medical use and is not intended as a substitution for certified medical or surgical masks used in high risk areas.